For Teen Writers


Teen writers have amazing talent. They just need the opportunity to explore it. That’s why I offer creative writing workshops and critique groups just for teen and pre-teen writers in middle and high school.

THE WRITE SPOT FOR TEENS is a place where teens who love to write can get together with other teen writers and learn more about the craft of writing. Both workshops and critique groups are moderated carefully to ensure a positive environment and experience for all teens involved.


CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOPS are highly interactive and include writing activities as well as time for participants to put what they have learned into practice in their own writing projects. Creative writing workshop topics include:

Ideas are Everywhere
Creating Memorable Characters
Unforgettable Settings
Building Blocks of Fiction
PLOT: The Story Skeleton
Spooky Stories and Ghost Tales (a Halloween favorite!)
Writing YOUR Story: Creative Non-Fiction
Writing Devotionals for the Teen Market
Revising and Editing
Publication for Teens


CRITIQUE GROUPS are moderated peer groups where teens can share their writing projects with other teens and receive positive, constructive feedback that will help them grow in their writing.

Workshops and Critique Groups are typically held on location near my home in western North Carolina. However, I am willing to hold online workshops and groups if enough students show interest.

To find out when the next WRITE SPOT FOR TEENS workshop or critique group will be held sign up to receive updates and you will receive notification via email. I am also expanding my workshop schedule to workshops for students (grades 2-5) and adults, so stay tuned!