My Writing Story

Growing up, I was THAT girl — you know, the one who sat in a corner with her nose in a book. Painfully shy, I had trouble making friends in school, but I found more than enough friends in the pages of the books I read.

But something happened. In high school, I was told that I had no business being a writer. I was devastated and let go of my dream. But not for long. A teacher encouraged me to change my college major back to writing and I never looked back.

Writing is a part of my soul. After college, I began working in communications and wrote for many types of media: radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and websites. I soon found my niche in writing and designing publications for non-profit organizations. I had the opportunity to travel the world as a missionary writer and photographer. When I came home, I would write about my experiences and the people I met. Combining two things I loved, writing and helping others, in a career, was a dream come true.

When I lost my job unexpectedly in 2010, I began teaching creative and academic writing to children and fell in love with children’s books all over again. That year, my first middle-grade short story won a writing contest and was published in a magazine. A few years later, my first young adult story was published in book of devotionals for fiction lovers. I was hooked. Since, I have written articles that have been featured in various children’s magazines, and now have several books published in both the trade and school & library markets.

Today, I continue to work as a content producer for an international non-profit and write for children. Throughout the year, I teach creative writing workshops for middle and high school students. In addition to writing, I love playing the piano and hiking to the various waterfalls in western North Carolina, where I live with my husband and as many strays as he will allow me to take in.