Moon Tree Classroom Resources

MOON TREE: The Story of One Extraordinary Tree

Written by Carolyn Bennet Fraiser
Illustrated by Simona Mulazzani

One tree has a secret – it flew to the moon on Apollo 14. The problem is no one remembers, even NASA…until a curious third-grade girl uncovers its mystery about a boy who dreamed of flying, a trip to the moon, and the American bicentennial.

“A small but ‘extraordinary’ episode, well worth the belated notice.”

A Junior Library Guild Gold Selection

ISBN: 9781478875970
Nonfiction Picture Book
Grade Level: 1-3

Take a peak inside…

Introduce MOON TREE to your classroom.

Moon Tree is the perfect blend of Science, Social Studies, and ELA/Literacy for the early elementary school classroom.

Science: Students can study the relationship between the earth and its moon as well as the life cycle of plants, from seed to germination to growth.

Social Studies: Students can discuss how events and individuals influence history and the context of historical events mentioned in Moon Tree. Teachers can also use the book to discuss various geographies across the country and how they affect plant growth.

ELA/Literacy: Teachers can use Moon Tree to conduct their own research projects about a local history topic or discuss the different poetic devices used throughout the book.

Feel free to download the Information Sheet, Field Trip Guide, or Moon Tree Listing below to get your classroom engaged in further discussion.

Other Resources:

Download NASA’s Project VEGGIE Fact Sheet
Download The UK National Space Centre’s Plants in Space Poster
Explore the history behind your local tree on NASA’s Moon Tree Website

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